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God's Creatures is now Surfside Pet Hospital!

We have a big announcement for all of our clients and friends of our clinic.  Our clinic has a new name!  We are now going to be operating under the name of “Surfside Pet Hospital.”  With all due respect to the founder of this clinic, Dr. Burgess, and all the work he did throughout the years building his practice, Dr. Abadia and Dr. McNamara are now ready to personalize the clinic and begin creating their own legacy. We only hope we will have the same continued love and support from our clients that we greatly appreciate.

conk in north friars posing.JPG

We would like to introduce all of you to “Conk Loveland,” the inspiration for the design on our clinic’s new business logo.  Conk passed away in December of 2010 due to Chronic Renal Failure, but he meant so much to us that we wanted to share a little bit about him.

Conk was adopted in the winter of 2002 by Dr. Abadia.  He was a stray at the time on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, where Ross University is located.  He was picked up still intact and approximately 1 year of age.  Within a month after his adoption he had Dr. McNamara in his life to care for him as well.  Although he was a bit jealous at first, he soon grew to love his new life.

Conk’s favorite hobby was to jog on the beach through the surf and then afterwards chase the monkeys and goats.  He was loved by all who met him and frequently went randomly up to strangers on the beach to lay with them and share their beach towels.  He even got caught wondering through the casino at the Marriott after following some tourist down the beach to their hotel and was brought back to us in the back of a police car.  Luckily, no harm was done because he even charmed the policemen.

After that portion of our education was over, we brought him into the US.  He stayed with us as we traveled from Auburn to Ohio and finally to Florida.  It broke our hearts to lose him in 2010 but we wanted him to be forever remembered.  We took one our favorite photos and created our new logo.  This picture represents how we want all of our pets to be: happy, strong, healthy and ready to go running through the surf.

Surfside-Pet-Hospital-Logo fixed.jpg

                            new yard sign resized.jpg

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  • "Surfside is considerd to be my family and friends. Trust and a genuine heart fills the entire staff. Professional expertise has kept my fur kids healthy and very happy....Thank you for all you've done & continue to do....Kindest regards!"
    Cynthia Rayment Stuart, FL

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