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Posted on 06-30-2016

Welcome to the fat cat diaries!  This is going to be a super exciting journey that we are going to go on together. Now let me give you some information on who exactly I am.  My name is Big Momma and I am 9 year old, 26.6 pound domestic short haired cat… Yes I typed that correctly- I weigh 26.6 pounds.  My old family was unable to take care of me correctly so I was surrendered over to my new family at Surfside Pet Hospital.

My new family is a hoot I tell you! It looks like I have about 6-7 new humans that will be catering to my every need and hopefully give me lots and lots of food (my favorite).  I arrived at my new home and by the looks of things, everything is about to change. I keep hearing “it is time to get down to business” and “diet”. What exactly all that means I am not sure and I do not think I want to know.

First things first, they gave me a haircut. And oh my what a hair cut they gave me!! I mean look at me- what is wrong with them?!? 

 Since I am- what I like to call pleasantly plump :)  I am unable to groom myself like I should be able to so I have several mats along my back and belly area.  Then they clipped and cleaned my private parts. What in the world is going on here!! Don’t they know I am cat and hate the water?!?! I don’t think they got the memo- goodness.  But if I were being honest here, I really do feel much much better now- but don’t tell them that.  However, I am truly exhausted now since I haven’t had this much fun or any exertion in… I’ll just keep that to myself.

I now have been clipped and cleaned and am waiting for food, except they still refuse to feed me.  I AM STARVING!!!!  No one seems to acknowledge that fun little fact. All I keep hearing is diet this, and limited- amount- of- food that, and wait a minute- exercise?  Are they crazy, not happening. Just feed me!  Wait a minute; I see a bag of food, now we are talking.  Hold on, what in the world does metabolic mean… can someone get me chicken please?? Whatever, this shall do.

I guess these humans are ok.  Even though I hate to admit it, I am pretty happy with how this day has ended. I cannot wait to see what my future is going to look like being on this new “diet” they keep talking about.   Until next week y’all 

Vicky Marrinez said:

Big momma is getting a second time at life!! Way to go Surfside! You really care about these furry friends!! thanks

2016-06-30 20:01:52

Rebecca Melero said:

I feel you big mamma! Let's do this together!

2016-07-01 02:20:35

Susan Mesa said:

Big momma is one lucky cat. Her journey at Surfside will inspire others like her to check in and learn about nutrition and exercise. Meow!!!!!!!

2016-07-01 18:23:23

Shirley De Leon said:

Way to go Big Momma!

2016-07-19 12:07:25

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