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May 23, 2013 by: Trudy Dick

Gods Creatures is a remarkable veterinary practice.  Dr. Abadia and Dr. Mcnamara are both very professional and thorough as well as very caring and thoughtful to clients, both owners and their pets.

Part of their extensive practice is Laser Therapy.  I have a 14 year old cat with age-related problems, including arthritis.  Before starting the Laser Therapy her mobility was extremely impaired.  She walked with a bad limp, could not jump well, and used stairs on a very limited basis.  After being on the Laser Therapy, there is aremarkable change in her mobility.  She does not walk with a limp, now jumps up to her favorite places, and uses the stairs frequently.  Her quality of life has improved dramatically- she is a “Happy Cat.”

I would highly recommend their veterinary practice for all areas of care.  I would especially recommend the Laser Therapy, which is safe and non invasive.  It is not only used for aging pets, but also used for pain, injuries, inflammation, swelling, and healing in pets of all ages.

- Trudy Dick

(A very impressed and pleased client)

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  • "Surfside is considerd to be my family and friends. Trust and a genuine heart fills the entire staff. Professional expertise has kept my fur kids healthy and very happy....Thank you for all you've done & continue to do....Kindest regards!"
    Cynthia Rayment Stuart, FL

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