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Posted on 07-20-2016

Hey guys, I am back!!  Let me tell you that life has been… interesting in my new home. This diet thing, well it honestly stinks! They keep telling me that this is for “my own good” and it is"going to make me healthier". Seriously though, I am going to have to disagree with everyone here.

 So apparently dieting means that you get to eat A LOT less and exercise A LOT more. Do they know who they are dealing with here?!? You see, exercise and I have this love hate relationship. I just love to hate it.  Really though, who can even handle exercising? I only take 5 steps and I can barely breathe. Can you believe they even have witnessed this first hand and STILL expect to me to play. They even keep throwing this toy at me wanting me to play and “run around”.  How about- no 

Now let me talk to you about my food situation. Remember that whole diet that they continue to push on me. Well everyone here thinks its sooo funny to make me work for my food. I am not kidding you; everyone here is literally making me WALK for my breakfast and lunch. They will give me a couple of kibble, and then they will throw some more AWAY from me. This means I now have to actually get up to eat.  Have you ever heard of someone having to work for their food? Because I sure haven’t!  Of course I have to think about it for a second but who are we kidding- its food that needs to get in my belly. Nonetheless, I am going to have to discuss this with someone. I was perfectly content hanging around, eating my kitty food. See?

Until next time ya'll. 

PS... follow my on instagram @fat.cat.diaries

susan mesa said:

this is hilarious is she having plenty of protein 5 times a day ....

2016-07-21 16:18:58

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